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John and Tony

John sat quietly on the park bench overlooking the water. His knee bounced gently against the long cement walkway in front of him. His slim werewolf figure was hidden beneath his long black jacket, but his light blue hair glowed brightly in the sinking sun.
He shivered slightly as a quiet night breeze blew past him.
Hearing footsteps, he turned slightly to his right. The pink sunlight shown on a figure, casting a dark shadow across half of his body. All John could make out was a red shirt, a jacket and a large wagging tail. Immediately he jumped up from his sitting position and ran full speed towards the shadowy figure. He grabbed him tightly and held him in a soft and loving embrace.
"Oh Tony! I...I've missed you so much!"
John smiled and rubbed his face into the nape of his loved one's; neck giving a few licks followed by a giggle.
Tony giggled with him and grinned. "I'm glad, but I'm pretty sure I missed you more," he winked, "I am so happy to see you again". Tony turned his head slowly with a sly grin and whispered into John's ear. "Lets go back to your place."
John turned a soft shade of red and looked down at the ground. "Anything you want Tony."
Tony placed a finger under John's chin and lifted his head until they were eye to eye. He smiled at the blushing wolf, pressing his muzzle against John's. Murring loudly, their lips met, and for fifteen seconds they both felt like they were floating on air.
Tony pulled away slowly, leaving John, who was gasping for air. John opened his eyes slowly, and smiled goofily as he looked at Tony, "Okay! Let's go!"
Tony chuckled loudly. Smiling, he took John's paw into his own and they walked slowly down the skinny walkway, John's collar making a "ching" sound with every other step he took.

Reaching the end of the sidewalk, John stopped and let go of Tony's paw, licking his ear roughly and whispering, "My car is right over here." Looking directly at his car, and not paying any attention as usual, John started across the street.
Tony screamed out in horror, and grabbed John's shirt, yanking him out of the street, just as a speeding truck zipped by his face. John yelped and wrapped his arms around Tony's body tightly, shaking, he refused to let go.
"You..you saved me!" John breathed hard and licked Tony's face appreciatively.
Tony acted a little nervous then giggled. "I think we should save that for your place." He winked.
More cautiously this time, John and Tony headed across the street towards the old red Volkswagen bug and got in.
John pointed out the very few sights around his small town, and not long after, they reached his house. John parked his small car at the end of the driveway, then ran the other side of the bug to open the door for his love. John extended his paw and helped Tony out.

"Tony, this is my house. But I must warn you, no one is home." John grinned happily and headed for the back door. Noticing that Tony didn't follow him, John turned to see Tony where he had left him. John moved back to his love and nuzzled against him. "What's wrong cutie?"
Tony frowned and shook his head. "I don't know. Just scared, I guess."
John blushed and licked his neck. "Nothing to be scared of. You know I could never hurt you, nor force you to do anything." Tony nodded slowly. "Do you want to go inside?" Again, Tony nodded. John smiled and bent down a little. "Get on then. I'll piggy back you inside." Tony giggled and jumped onto John's back. John carried him to the back door, opened it, and took him inside.
John set Tony down gently and murred softly as he looked into Tony's eyes. "I've never seen a better looking wolf!"
Tony blushed and poked John in the stomach "You've never seen a mirror, I take it!" John immediately became red and started to head towards the living room. Tony followed on John's heels and watched as he sat down.

"So Tony, whatcha wanna do now?"
Tony grinned. "I'm going to make us dinner. Anything you want! As long as it's Mac 'n Cheese."
John sat quietly as Tony ran back to the kitchen; the room they had just came from, to make dinner. John could hear Tony humming and whistling as he worked in the kitchen, and his tail twitched gently in anticipation.
About fifteen minutes passed, and John was a nervous ball of fluff when Tony returned.
"You can come into the kitchen now," Tony murmured with a gentle smile. John jumped up and almost tripped over his own feet on the way to the kitchen. He stopped abruptly in the doorway, his mouth opened in surprise. Never had John seen the table decorated so beautifully; the table was covered in a dark green blanket, with a rose in the center. His best silver forks and spoons sat next to the two steaming bowls of macaroni and cheese.
John ran out of the room leaving Tony with a sad look. He returned moments later with two candles. He gently placed them on either side of the rose.
Flipping the light switch, he smiled, whispering, "It's perfect." Tony moved towards the table, so John pulled back a chair for him. After making sure Tony was comfortable, John sat on the other seat taking a deep breath of the intoxicating smell.
John picked up his fork and was about to take a bite when Tony yelled out, "Oh no, I forgot the drinks!"
Chuckling, John stood up slowly. "Allow me." Reaching into the cabinet above his sink he pulled out two crystal glasses. Moving to the long wooden cabinet in the corner, he opened the door of it slowly and pulled out a bottle of red wine.
He glided slowly back to the table, and was very careful as he poured two glasses.
John's eyes glistened as he handed the glass across the table. "How's this, my love?"
Tony licked his lips and smiled, "It's perfect, absolutely perfect." They clinked their glasses together, took a sip, and then ate in silence. Tony finished first, and watched John struggle to complete his meal.
John sat down his fork and licked his lips clean.
"That," John murred loudly, "had to have been the BEST thing I have ever eaten." John tried to stay calm, but couldn't, and picked up the bowl, licking it clean.
Tony snickered softly, "Someone was hungry."
John shook his head and laughed. "I wasn't, actually. It was just so good..." Tony blushed and drank the last of his wine.
John stood up and bent over the candles, blowing them out. Slowly, he moved around and behind Tony, biting gently on his neck, and licking at the tender flesh. As he pulled away, he whispered quickly, "follow me." Tony ran a few steps to catch up, and took John's paw, giggling loudly.

John skipped back into the living room, and flapped down onto the couch against the wall. Tony sat next to him and moved real close. John wrapped his arm around Tony and held him tightly. John murred gently and kissed Tony's cheek gently, "You have no idea how happy I am today..."
Tony leaned up and whispered gently into John's ear, "Yes I do... because I feel the same way."
Tony's words sent shivers down John's spine, and immediately, goose bumps began to form on his arms and legs.
Tony murred loudly into John's ear, and slowly began to run a claw down the center of John's chest. John closed his eyes, and opened his mouth in an airy moan. John moved his right paw over his groin, in a futile attempt to hide the bulge that was growing there.
Tony glanced down and blushed hard as he saw the spot John was covering. He leaned close and pressed his lips to John's ear. "No need to be embarrassed," he murmured softly pressed his paw about his loved one's. John closed his eyes tightly and he groaned. At this, Tony grinned wide and pulled John's paw away. Slowly he unzipped John's pants, pulling them, and his boxers, down to his knees. John opened his eyes and looked deep into Tony's big brown eyes. Tony smiled kindly and slowly licked his lips. John let out another loud, airy; moan as he felt Tony's paw against his enlarged sheath.
"Tony... dear... are you sure you want to..." John started to say before he was silenced by a gentle kiss. His ears laid back, and he gently pushed his tongue into Tony's muzzle.
Tony murred softly as he felt John's tongue penetrate his muzzle. He lapped at the intruding tongue, and his paw started rubbing the bulging sheath. John gasped out as he felt some of his member slip from his sheath and continued to grow.
Tony noticed and gently wrapped his fingers around the sensitive flesh. John let out another satisfied gasp and bit down on Tony's neck. It was Tony's turn to let out a grasp of pleasure. He moved his lips to John's ear, and with a warm smile, murmured, "I want you John." John let out a whimper in response and slowly nodded.
Tony pulled away and stood, slowly tugging off his shirt. John murred loudly at the sight of his beautiful furred chest. Tony grinned and waited for him to snap out of it. Shaking his head slowly, John realized it was his turn to unclothe, and so he did. First his shirt came off, then his pants.
John had to struggle not to whimper again when he saw Tony was fully extended out of his sheath and, standing at a full 8 inches. Tony's sent filled his nose and he stuck out his tongue subconsciously.
Not being able to wait any longer, John gently pushed Tony down onto his back, and climbed on top of him, licking lovingly at is neck. Tony growled softly in return and reached his paw down to rub the warm flesh of his lover again. John pulled out of his grasp, and licked slowly down his furry chest, stopping at each nipple to give them a gently nip with his teeth. Tony started to pant softly and he placed both of his paws on John's head.
Finally, John reached the tip of Tony's large wolfhood.
John opened his muzzle and slowly, very gently, took the entire length into it.
Tony gasped loudly and started to shake gently with pleasure, his tail thumping against the couch.
Coughing slightly, John pushed some of the warm meat into his throat, closing his lips around the base and sucking gently.
Tony let out a soft whimper, and gently scratched John's ears.
John pulled back until only the tip was in his muzzle, and sucking harder, took it back into his throat. Moving a little faster up and down, John repeatedly took Tony's length into him. Tony gripped John's ears and roughly pulled him down faster, thrusting gently upwards into John's warm muzzle.
John licked and sucked the length lovingly, moving his paw to rub the base and the sheath.
Tony pushed his paw under John's chin and lifted him off of him. Lost in lust, he sat up and forced a kiss on John, murring loudly as he tasted himself on John's tongue. John pulled back, and they were both gasping for air.
Tony growled loudly and violently pulled John down on top of him. "Take me John," He gasped, "I want to be yours."
John grinned and nipped at his neck. "You already are mine, and I'm yours, forever."
Tony blushed brightly and ran his paw slowly down John's back. "Mate me. Please? I want you to."
John let out a low growl and nodded. "Anything for you, my love."
Slowly, John pulled off Tony, licking down his chest as he moved away. With a grin, Tony pulled himself up, and getting on all fours, he slowly walked away. Tony lifted his tail high, and started to wag his butt seductively at John. John got up quickly and ran after his lover. Growling, he jumped on Tony's back, and nipped at his neck.
Tony growled in return and pushed back against John. John wrapped both arms around Tony and pushed forward until the tip of his member was against Tony's tail-hole.John held onto Tony tightly and softly whispered into Tony's ear, "Are you ready?" Tony gripped the ground with his claws and woofed in response, showing he was waiting. Holding onto Tony's hips John leaned forward and slowly pushed forward. Yelping softly, Tony felt his virgin tail hole tightly grasp the protruding flesh. John only stopped half way in giving Tony a chance to relax and get use to the feeling of being entered.
Tony lowered his head submissively and gently pushed back, yelping again as he felt the massive size of the member stretch him open.
John let out a whimper. Never before had he felt anything this wonderful as the tight warmth of his lover. He had to struggle to be gentle, not wanting to hurt Tony. Tony opened his mouth and managed to mutter one word: "Hard."
John obviously got the hint and as soon as he was almost completely out of Tony he forced his hardness in, in one quick motion. They both moaned in unison; the pleasure shared by both. Once again john thrusted roughly in Tony and once again they both let each other know they were enjoying it.
After gaining some confidence, John slowly sped up, and, enthralled with pleasure, Tony began pushing back with each thrust.
As soon the thought struck him, John reached down and gripped the large member that was wiggling below them.
He began stroking and pawing Tony off as he used his hole for his own pleasure. Tony started panting loudly; moaning and whimpering.
John growled and began thrusting roughly, his animal instinct taking over.
Pounding into him and madly pawing him off, John had lost all control of his body; his claws dig deeply into Tony for leverage, and savagely he bit into his neck from behind.
Tony was in bliss. Every part of his body was hurting, but the pleasure was overwhelming and he didn't care about the pain.
Tony could feel himself building as John thrusted against his prostate, pushing him closer to orgasm.
John too was getting close and pushed Tony to his limits. The knot at the base of John's wolf-cock began to grow and he pushed it against Tony's tail hole.
Tony whimpered as he felt the enormous size of the knot. John made good use of it and pushed it farther into Tony with each thrust. Tony tried to hold back but the stretching of his tail hole by the knot pushed him past his limits. He suddenly started to shake and quiver as his cock twitched in John's paw; spewing his wolf-seed onto the ground below.
John could feel Tony cum and took this as the right time to thrust his knot fully inside his wolf.
"OH JOHN!!!" Tony yelped as John lifted his head and let out a screaming howl as his member twitched and shot its load deep into Tony.
John collapsed onto Tony's back, his own body shaking with orgasm.
Tony's hole gripped John's member every time he shot more seed and this just enhanced John's orgasm, making him cum harder into Tony.
Tony, unable to sustain himself any longer, collapsed with John into the puddle of cum on the ground.
Still panting John licked Tony's head, smiled and said "I love you". Tony whimpered slightly from the weight on top of him but didn't care.
"I love you too."
And with that they both fell into a deep sleep.

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