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Site::It's Back! - News Source: N/A

Hello one and all!
Thanks to the kindness of a cat named Arthemys, PlurWolfy.com is back, hosted, and ready to be updated.
It's been a long time since anyone put any effort into updating it, so it'll take me, and anyone else I can con, awhile before it's updated again.

- Plur

Posted by PlurWolfy on Saturday, July 8 2006

Pictures::Test. - News Source: N/A

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system.

Posted by Feles on Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Site::Website is Officially Moved - News Source: N/A

Alrighty folks.
The website is completely finished transfering. I finally had some time to wrap up the news section, and voila. Tis fineeshed.

- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Thursday, March 31 2005

Site::Got Hosting? - News Source: N/A

Hey everyone.
Due to recent events, we're in need of a new box to host on!

The site's around 830m, +/- a few. The bandwidth consumption fluctuates quite a bit, but it's never been too bad.

If you can help out, that'd be great.
Shell access would be appreciated to ease in the initial data transfer.

We've already got MX under control, so that isn't necessary. Just FTP and Shell(Optional).

PHP Would be a plus, but again, not required.

- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Saturday, March 5 2005

Pictures::More Character Portraits! - News Source: N/A

I just added all the Art Contest entries to the Character Portraits section of the website.
New pictures were added for the following artists:
- Akhetnu
- DaggetWolf
- DarkFlayme
- Dreamous Iceling
- Grrrwolf
- Luhka
- Princess Rei Keishana
- SkuellWolf
- Syd
- Tauschung

- K

Posted by kvidell on Sunday, December 19 2004

Art Contest::Back to Normal - News Source: N/A

Since the Art Contest ended, I changed that old Index page to one that reflected all of that...
I figure it's about time to just kind of throw bings back to the way they were.

That is all :)
- K
PS: Congratulations to AFI, and thank you to everyone else who submitted something. It's all very beautiful!

Posted by kvidell on Sunday, December 19 2004

Art Contest::Updated - News Source: N/A

Two new additions to the Art Contest :)

- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Wednesday, November 10 2004

Video::Finished - News Source: N/A

I finished adding videos to the Video section.
- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Monday, October 25 2004

Video::Section Live - News Source: N/A

Wolfy's Video section is alive, but not well... yet...
I'm really fried, and very tired... so only the pages for the first two videos alphabetically are active as of yet, I'll be adding the rest later...
Yes... i'm THAT tired :-\ No one belives me though x.x

I try... damnit I do >.> hehe.

Happy Birthday Wolfy!
- Kevy

Posted by kvidell on Monday, October 25 2004

Site::Updated the RL Bio - News Source: N/A

Wolfy's RL Biography has been updated.
Some stuff has changed since he's moved to California, so we had to fix it up :)

- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Friday, October 22 2004

Site::New Section Live! - News Source: N/A

The "My Stuff" section is finnnally active!
Click on that link, or the one up on the navbar and check it out.
As of the posting of this article, the only that isn't up yet in My Stuff is the Video section, but that's coming soon.
I need to reformat all the information I've gathered on the videos, and that'll take me a little bit of time... but it's currently 0543, and I want some sleep!

Also, don't forget abou the Guest Book where you can leave Wolfy some comments on the site!

(And make sure you take note to all the side bars on the right... There are still some people out there who haven't figured out that you need to look at them at least occasionally to navigate this site! STOP yelling at wolfy because YOU didn't look hard enough :-P)
- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Friday, October 22 2004

Art Contest::Two New Additions - News Source: N/A

I added two more entries to the art contest :)
You can check them out here.

- K

Posted by kvidell on Sunday, October 17 2004

Site::Read, people. - News Source: N/A

Okay. So apparently some people don't read too good :-P

Wolfy didn't get rid of his Character Art section.
It's planely stated on the front page where to find it.

Click on Biography, look at the Nav Pane on the right and click on "Character Portraits".

A link for you now:
Character Portraits

Stop bugging poor Wolfy about it :-P It's not gone and I've said so already.

PLEASE read the Introduction on the main page... it's really quite informative.
- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Tuesday, October 5 2004

Pictures::New Character Portraits - News Source: N/A

I just added a new batch of Character Portraits for Wolfy in his.. well.. Character Portraits.. section.. (I thought it was appropriate).

In this batch we showcase some new artists to the collection:
One drawing by David Hopkins (of the Jack fame.)
Two drawings from our friend Grrrwolf
One from TaurinFox
A badge from the wonderful Marci
And one from Wookiee.

We also added some more art from the following artists:
and Moonflax
Those four artists already had a couple of their works up, but were nice enough to give Wolfy some more.

Hope you enjoy this update :)
- Kevin

Posted by kvidell on Tuesday, October 5 2004

Site::Everyone's Favourite - News Source: N/A

The webcam is now functional... Wolfy just has to turn it on via his software client.

Enjoy ;) Not.. like that.
- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Friday, October 1 2004

Pictures::Art Contest - News Source: N/A

I'm sure you noticed the art contest Splash Page.
That'll be staying up until the deadline for the contest.

Shortly I'll be posting the entries thus far, I need to get a list of artists from Wolfy so I know who goes with what image :)

- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Friday, October 1 2004

Site::Welcome! - News Source: N/A


Welcome to PlurWolfy.com Version 2!
I'm sure you've already read everything you need to know on the front page, so I wont rant on about it again...

This is mostly just to announce that the News System (news, headlines and eventually archiving as well) is finally in full swing again.

Thanks, and I hope you really enjoy the new look!
I busted me arse, I did. :)
- Kev

Posted by kvidell on Friday, October 1 2004

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