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Character Description

A tall wolf at 5'10", he has blue head fur and black body fur. He wears a spiked collar with a leash loop, incase you want to lead him around. He has 3 hoop earrings in his left ear.

He doesn't wear shoes, and when he wears clothes (which is quite rare) he wears black, tight-fitting outfits. He's slightly muscular and prefers fishnet to most shirts. If his belt is seen, he has a pentagram on it.

His face is wolfish and he has beautiful blue eyes. He sports long, proud, sharpened nails on each of his four paws. He's a plushiphile and is usually surrounded by many stuffed animals (foxes being his favorite).

If nude, (his preferred state) he has a sheath with slightly bigger sac than average. If engaged, his member is wolf-shaped. He has digitigrade (natural) legs. He also wears a silver band on his left ring finger.

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