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Real Life Biography and Questionaire

Section 1:
Basic Information

name: N/A
birthday: October 25, 1986
eye colour: blue
hair colour: dark brown
locale: Manteca, California, USA

shoe size: 10
height: ~5'11" (~180.34cm)
weight: ~130lbs (~58.96kg)
blood type: red

Section 2:
What is your...

most favourite thing: sleeping in the arms on the one i love
least favourite thing: lying

pass-time: dancing
food: anything with the word "cheese" in, on, or around it
music: oldies and big-band
colour: green
gender: male
part on a male: face
part on a female: breasts (great pillows!)
drink: milk :-D
store: zetacreations
candy: reeses anything
school subject: digital video production
movie: Beetlejuice
bands: The Beatles and Marilyn Manson
gift: plushies (do you like snuggles?)
tv show: The Outer Limits (new version)

Section 3:
Random Crap

do you like sex: i'd prefer cuddling
do you download porn: i am teh pr0n king
any piercings: three, soon to be five
wish you were the opposite sex: never
do you like parties: usually not
where do you spend your free time: wherever the day takes me
what do you do in your free time: chat or do what Kel tells me to
paper or plastic: plastic
cookies and milk or spaghetti and meatballs: cookies and milk :)
pepper or salt: i hate pepper
are you really a communist: no, it's an inside joke, and that's why the banner's there
what's your religion: Pagan
did you draw the pics in your character area: no. There's a reason for all those names you know, those are the artists
taken jesus into your heart: i didn't think he'd fit.. man he's small
gay bi or thai: i would say i'm gei, but i love that Luhka girl too much

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