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This is PlurWolfy.com Version 2.1!
Surely, you'll notice that it has not been redesigned in forever!
Lucky for you, the links still work (for the most part) while it's in a state of renewal.
On the right is dynamic content. Be sure to check all the links on the right as it changes with each page!

The links at the top will direct you to each page:
  • Home - You're here!
  • News - Updates and information abou the website, or Wolfy in general, will appear here.
  • Biography - Links to character and real life photos, along with RL biography and character description.
  • Webcam - Wolfy's webcam. I decided to keep this top level because of how popular it ended up being.
  • Contact - Contact information for Wolfy will be here, along with a link to his Guestbook.
  • My Stuff - Wolfy's art, writings and pics of his bedroom, desktop screenshots, con pics and information on "Wolfy Productions".
Thank you for stopping by and putting up with this lack of change! Enjoy!

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News Headlines

  • Site::Got Hosting?
  • Pictures::More Character Portraits!
  • Art Contest::Back to Normal
  • Art Contest::Updated
  • Video::Finished
  • Video::Section Live
  • Site::Updated the RL Bio

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